Shoulder Stretch

How to Prevent Back Pain

Some women experience back pain postnatally. This is mostly due to weakened abdominal muscles and hormonal changes that loosen up the ligaments around the pelvis and lower back. 

Additional strain comes from bending over to pick up your baby, change it, bathe it...

Prevent Lower Back Pain

To reduce the pain or even avoid it, pull up your pelvic floor muscles, tighten your lower abdomen and breath out, while you pick up your baby.

Prevent Discomfort of the Upper Back

Stretch your chest muscles to retain good posture and to prevent upper back pain:

Interlock fingers behind your back, straighten your elbows, pull your shoulderblades together and lift arms away from your body (see picture above). 

Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, repeat 3 times after every feed.


Avoid vigorous exercising (e.g. abdominal crunches) for at least 3 months or until your abdominal muscles have healed completely. Check with a Physiotherapist or other health care professional if you are not sure.