antenatal exercise class

Antental Exercise Classes

  • Suitable for women of all fitness levels (1 hour exercise sessions)
  • Small personalised classes allow for individual supervision (max of 4 participants)
  • Benefits of the Antenatal Exercise Class:

  • Build up your stamina and prepare yourself for the physical demands during labor
  • Avoid unwanted excess weight for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby
  • Gentle exercising gets your heart rate going - the increased oxygen in your blood flow is passed on to your baby
  • Keeping your muscles toned so that they recover more quickly and get you back into your pre-pregnancy clothes
  • Reduce or avoid back pains
  • Avoid depression, exercising releases serotonin a “happy hormone”
  • Prevent incontinence now and later in life
  • Meet other pregnant women, share experiences. You will meet them again in the postnatal exercise class or around town, making you feel part of a new community.

The antenatal exercise classes are a safe and fun way to exercise while you are pregnant. A combination of aerobic as well as adequate strengthening and stretching exercises will keep you and your baby healthy and fit.

Home exercise program provided.

Call Caroline at Physiosync on (07) 5448 0072 or check details of the antenatal exercise classes.

Fitness Tip

  • Go for walks regularly - at least twice a week or daily. Recommended walking time: 20 min to 1 hour according to your fitness level.
  • Go for a swim - freestyle or breaststroke preferable - at least once a week or daily. Amount of laps you do or time spent swimming depends on your fitness level (4-15 laps recommended).

Walking and swimming are forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise increases the blood flow in your body and therefore also increases the oxygenation of your baby.